Perfecting your websites could be hard as you will have to adjust your back–end code quite a bit so as to make your sites operate much faster. However, you’ll be able to better your web site’s functionality, without the need to alter anything at all in the background. With the help of the Web Site Acceleration Tools, utilized in the Web Control Panel, you could make your sites stream and function quicker than ever. This is not going to only benefit your customers (everyone loves the web page they are browsing to come up rapidly), but will also help your web site climb higher in search engine listings.

Working with the Web Site Acceleration Tools is in fact simple and easy. Simply log into your Web Control Panel and see how each web accelerator tool operates.


RAM–saving as a substitute for data base queries

If you have a fast paced database–powered website or web app, it may well have problems running fast for the site visitors because of the different calls sent to the data base. To aid you fix the web page loading trouble, we have listed the Memcached tool inside the Web Control Panel.

Memcached is really a potent distributed memory object caching platform, which collects information and also objects in the server’s memory to avoid the database from getting queried every time a customer loads a selected web page. In this way, your web site pages are going to load a lot quicker for site visitors and will raise the possibility for them to return.

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RAM–saving as an alternative to HTTP queries

Utilizing the Varnish website accelerator application integrated into Virtual Prime Location’s Web Control Panel, you can easily make your site web pages stream much faster for your website visitors. All configurations are done by using an uncomplicated interface, with no need to come up with any immediate alterations to the back–end code of your web site.

Varnish is really an HTTP acceleration instrument that helps all web pages come up quicker by storing them in the server memory. That way, right after a webpage has been loaded by a visitor once, it will not have to be delivered by the hosting server any further, which in turn minimizes loading times and then quickens your web pages. It’s been tested that Varnish in general hastens site loading times with a factor of 300 – 1000x.

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An effective way to build scalable applications

Should you want to generate an application, it is best to have the instruments you’ll need on hand right away, with no need to hunt, compile and have them set up. Our Web Control Panel will save you both the energy and time, by offering you the equipment you need right close at hand.

The Node.js tool will allow developers, no matter whether they are pros or not, to create flexible network programs and web sites. It is based on the Google V8 JavaScript engine and the libUV. Node.js makes use of an event–based, non–blocking I/O model that makes it light–weight as well as useful, excellent for data–intensive live web apps operating through distributed devices.

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